Warlock icon GeneralEdit

The Warlock utilizes Intelliect and his maximum life as base to damage his enemies.

The Warlock is average against single targets (3.0), very good against multiple ones (5.0) and his survivability is good (4.0).

Reasonable choices of weapons are a 2-handed staff, a 1-handed staff plus tome or shield. A warlock specializes in affliction, demons and destruction.



  • Life Drain
    • Drain 1% MaxHP per Point, CD 11
  • Curse of Weakness
    • Enemies do 2% less Damage per Point, Passive
  • Corruption
    • Damage 0.8% of Intellect per Second per Point, CD 5
  • Siphon Life
    • Drain 0.08% of MaxHP per Second from all enemies per Point, Passive
  • Impending Doom
    • Damage after 10 seconds for 15% of Intellect per Point, CD 10


  • Imp Minion
    • Damage 7% of Intellect per Point, CD 6
  • Void Walker
    • Block 1% of MaxHP Damage per Point, CD 10
  • Fel Armor
    • Increase HP by 10% of Intellect per Point, Passive
  • Soul Link
    • All Enemies suffer 5% of all Damage done to Maintarget per Point, Passive
  • Demonic Power
    • Damage for 2% of MaxHP per Point, CD 14


  • Shadow Bolt
    • Damage for 8% of Intellect, CD 8
  • Death Coil
    • Kill an enemy with less than 1.5% of MaxHP per Point and gain the Damage as Life, CD 5
  • Howl of Terror
    • Fear all Enemies for 0.5 Seconds per Point, CD 14
  • Hellfire
    • Damage all enemies per Second for 0.2% and self for 0.1% of MaxHP per Point, Passive
  • Soul Burn
    • Damage Target for 4% and self for 1.5% of MaxH per Point

Thoughts, Strategy and TipsEdit


Use shadow bolt, howl of terror and soul burn. Then use Lifedrain. (tested up to here) Swap out lifedrain for Imp and fel armor. Add demonic power, life drain, weakness.

On Lvl 80 I have:

10 Life drain, 10 imp 10 Fel Armor,demonic power, Holw of terror and soul burn(all 10).

For Grinding Life drain is essencial you should max it. On low lvl you can combine with shadow bolt Death coil. Then Go for imp Fel armor Soul link (Key abbility for pull 3) and demonic power. Tip Death coil and Soul link don't stack. on lvl 80 you should have 10 Life drain corruption siphon life Imp Fel armor Soul link Demonic power(also all 10) and pull 3 with 25-30% rest. Hope it help.

Sustained Grind Build

This build will get you to never needing any rest, starting around the late 60s.

Start with imp, then shadow bolt, then death coil. Death coil will greatly boost your killspeed and sustain. Next skills are life drain, fel armor, Curse of Weakness and siphon life.

Around level 70 even adds dont get you low enough to need rest. This build yields about 6-6.5 kills per minute on Level 74.


AE Grind Build

This will start working around Level 70, because in lower Levels there are simply not enough skill points. With this build rest is needed, it yields 8+ kills per minute. (Thx to Thunderized)