Various kinds of items can be found in Grindquest, of various quality levels.


Weapons can be either one-handed or two-handed. Two handed weapons are more powerful than one-handed weapons, but take both the main hand and the off-hand slot, preventing you from mixing and matching properties.

Some weapons offer bonuses to more than one stat, benefiting more than one class, or classes that depend on more than one stat (bows, for example, increase both Strength and Dexterity).

Off-Hand itemsEdit

There are two kinds of off-hand items you can find in Grindquest. Shields can be used by any character, and add extra Health, while other off-hand items such as Tomes add to the character's stats (such as Intelligence for Tomes).

Off-hand and two-handed weapons cannot be used at the same time, but it is possible to switch equipped items in a fight, allowing a character to start a battle with a Shield equipped, and then switching it out for an off-hand weapon or a 2-handed weapon once the extra health it offered has been "used up" from having taken damage.


All characters can equip one suit of armor, either cloth (increases Intelligence), leather (increases Dexterity) or plate (increases Strength).

Armor can not be found by killing mobs, but crafted, using crafting materials.


There are two kinds of consumables, food (Bread and Meat), which makes resting go faster, and the Flask of Knowledge, which gives a 10% experience bonus for 1 hour. Both are consumed on usage, and have to be purchased again if the player wants their effects one they run out.

Vendor JunkEdit

Vendor junk are items that drop from mobs but have no use except being sold to the vendor for money. Vendor Junk is always of common quality.