Action: RestEdit

You will leave combat to rest, Mode will be changed to Idle.

Action: MarketEdit

You will travel to the market to buy and sell items.

The market always sells main-hand and 2-handed weapons and armor for each class, as well as Bread, Meat and Flasks of Knowlege (consumables), mounts (normal and Epic), extra bag space (up to 4), and a talent reset.

Action: TalentsEdit

View talents and spend available talent points. You earn points at level 10.

Action: Getting StartedEdit

Displays some basic information about the game and the FAQ url.

Action: MapEdit

Opens the map and allows you to pick a zone to travel to.

Action: BankEdit

Travel to your bank for additional storage.

Characters beging with 4 bank slots, but purchasing extra bag space at the market also grants extra bank slots, so the maximum a character can have is 8.

Action: Craft ArmorEdit

Create armor by using crafting materials.

Crafted armor is equal in all ways to found armor, which makes crafting a good way to ensure your character has at least one level-appropriate item at all times. As your crafting level goes up, the quality of crafted armor also rises, going from common to uncommon to superior to elite.

Note that your crafting level can never rise above your character level, and will display "Max" until your character level goes up.

Action: MoreEdit

Displays additional actions.

Action: AchievementsEdit

View all achievements.

Action: RaidEdit

Raid info and settings. Must be in a Naxxramas and not in combat or resting to view.

Action: StatsEdit

View statistics about damage, experience, kills, deaths and rest.

Action: SaveEdit

Saves your character's current state. The Character will usually save automatically, but always save when you log off to be sure.

Action: SettingsEdit

Set your character's auto control, like when to rest, what minimum loot to take and how many creatures to pull/fight.

Toggle Sound On/OffEdit